Privacy Policy

The protection of your privacy is the number one priority for Tanzania Consumer Panel. We do our utmost to win and keep your trust. In order to achieve this, we maintain the following rules for protecting your privacy:
1. We will never sell or lease your personal and/or contact details* to any third party without your explicit and repeated permission;
2. We will never share your personal, contact, or background details with any other Tanzania Consumer Panel member, unless you both have explicitly indicated a wish to share this information with each other;
3. All information you have entrusted to Tanzania Consumer Panel is secured according to the industry standards which apply. (*This is information which can be traced to an identifiable individual) Read these Tanzania Consumer Panel Privacy Regulations carefully to know more about: 1. What personal information is collected by Tanzania Consumer Panel
2. How and for what purpose this information is used
3. How and when this information is shared
4. How you can view and modify your personal details
5. What security measures are in place to protect you against loss, misuse or unwanted changes to your details collected by Tanzania Consumer Panel
6. How you can contact us. Should you have any questions and/or comments regarding the Tanzania Consumer Panel Privacy Regulations or concerning the execution of the regulations, then first send an e-mail to

What personal details are collected by Tanzania Consumer Panel?

Registration and intake survey: In order to become a Tanzania Consumer Panel member, you must register via the website. For registration, the following contact information is required: e-mail address and first and last name. At no time are you required to provide a telephone number.

Profile Information:

Once you have registered as an Tanzania Consumer Panel member, you are asked to complete a profiling surveys. This survey is located on your personal page; completion is totally voluntary and you may choose which profile surveys you would or would not like to complete.

Cookies and Log Files:

Similar to most online communities, Tanzania Consumer Panel uses cookies and log files that are created by visiting the Tanzania Consumer Panel website. A cookie is a data file that is saved to your computer when you log in at Tanzania Consumer Panel to ensure that you do not always need to log in again. Log files are created solely for tracking visits to the Tanzania Consumer Panel website. How and for what purpose is the gathered information used? As a member, you are never obligated to participate in community forums or Tanzania Consumer Panel surveys. Only on the basis of your explicit and repeated permission will Tanzania Consumer Panel process your opinion for the purpose that you have described.

Communication to and from Tanzania Consumer Panel:

Unless otherwise indicated, Tanzania Consumer Panel will use e-mail to communicate with Tanzania Consumer panelmembers. This means that only information for which members have given explicit and repeated permission will be exchanged.

Individualized Content:

Tanzania Consumer Panel may use uses the information that you have provided about yourself to adapt the website to your preferred style and frequency of communication.

How and when is this information shared?

Sharing Information with third parties:

Tanzania Consumer Panel takes the privacy of its members extremely seriously and will never lease or sell information which could be traceable to individuals by third parties without the express and repeated permission from its members. Tanzania Consumer Panel shall distribute personal and contact information only upon the explicit request from its members.

Communication between Tanzania Consumer Panel members:

It is possible to contact other Tanzania Consumer Panel members on the Forum. Tanzania Consumer Panel shall not exchange personal or contact details between members unless both members have given express permission or they themselves initiate this. Tanzania Consumer Panel emphasizes that it does not publish any contact details in the online forum. Tanzania Consumer Panel rejects out of hand any liability towards such misuse of the Tanzania Consumer Panel community.

How can you view and modify your personal details?

As an Tanzania Consumer Panel member, you can view your personal and contact information entrusted to Tanzania Consumer Panel at any time. You may also modify or delete this information whenever you wish. Login and go to your personal page, Tanzania Consumer Panel, where you can adjust your membership status (cancel or change membership). If you modify your membership status, e-mail address or password, an e-mail will be sent to you containing this change you have requested. If you agree with the change in question, you must click on the link contained in the e-mail. Tanzania Consumer Panel therefore prevents modification of its members - access information without the confirmation of those members. If you have another e-mail address and no longer have access to the old e-mail address with which Tanzania Consumer Panel communicates, indicate this on your personal page, in which case another procedure will be followed .